War Vets League warns opposition parties War Veterans League secretary Cde Douglas Mahiya said the induction workshop, which is being held in Harare, was meant to refresh war veterans league executive members, saying the country’s detractors and their willing tools in the form of puppet opposition parties were out to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

Members of the Zanu PF War Veterans League have advised opposition political parties to forget about political power, saying their desires were misguided.

Speaking at the party headquarters in Harare during a strategic meeting for the league’s national executive yesterday, Cde Douglas Mahiya, said the country’s detractors and their willing tools in the form of puppet opposition parties were out to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle. He said Zimbabwe’s liberators will not sit and watch mischievous elements trying to effect their ambitions.

“The question of power is not what we should be talking about as Zimbabweans, because the country got the political power from the colonisers,” said Cde Mahiya.

“We got that political power. We were the force behind getting that political power. So any political party that is going to discuss about the desire for political power is misguided.

“What opposition political parties should do is to contribute towards economic development, because this is the stage of the revolution in which we are and that way it will be acceptable. Not political power.

“No one in this country will ever expect the war veterans to accept anything rather than what we achieved. So we are going to defend that power. We have no option because that is what we yielded out of our own sacrifices.”

Cde Mahiya said Zimbabweans should remain vigilant and guard against infiltration so that Zanu PF will win resoundingly in the 2023 general elections.

The league held its first induction and mobilisation strategy programme yesterday with all newly elected executive members in attendance. They were all clad in their khaki, dark green war combat gear to bring fresh memories of the liberation struggle.

“We have been observing the diabolic movements of the enemy we once defeated as he has been using proxies to try and destabilise the country economically in order to give her mouthpieces an edge over the revolutionary party, Zanu PF,” said Cde Mahiya.

“These purveyors of chaos can only, but watch in awe as they are now sure that their days are numbered, for we shall politically decimate them. We will not sit and watch the country’s detractors willy-nilly mislead the people in their futile bid to enact regime change.”  Neo-colonialists, Cde Mahiya said, will never rule Zimbabwe through their proxies.

“We shall also ensure that posterity will be ideologically oriented to defeat any such machinations by the country’s detractors,” he said. “We have always been our own liberators, so shall we be.”

The War Veterans League leadership had accelerated its engagement programme as part of the mobilisation strategy of getting five million party supporters to vote and ensure a landslide victory for President Mnangagwa in next year’s elections.

The league, as have other organs of the party, already endorsed President Mnangagwa, who is also the Zanu PF First Secretary, as the sole Presidential candidate for the party.

“This is the first meeting we are meeting as top national executive after our inaugural elective conference and we reiterate our position where we agreed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is our sole candidate for next year’s election,” said Cde Mahiya.

He urged war veterans across the country to be vigilant and work together for the good of the party, as unity will ensure victory at the polls.

“As leaders, we need to work together for the success of the party and root out divisive elements. Let’s tell people about the achievements made by the Second Republic,” he said.

The Second Republic, which hit the ground running from November 2017, has embarked on a number of infrastructure projects which have in turn created a lot of job opportunities.

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