Proverbs 28 vs 13

“Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

One of the worst sins anyone can ever perpetuate against themselves is to believe the lies that they tell themselves. It’s normal that in a bid to be strong or appear brave and in control, we often tell ourselves statements that are meant to embolden and strengthen us.

In these statements its common cause that we will tell ourselves the things we want to hear, the things we think of ourselves, the fleeting dreams that we fantasise about and that we hope will be the reality of our life.

It’s so easy to turn a blind eye to the reality of our situation, therefore we end up lying to ourselves. We become so distanced from reality that we begin to believe everything we say to ourselves. The reality is that the truth we perceive about who and what we are is not often the reality or truth that others see of us.

To accept criticism or to be told things that are negative is a difficult pill to swallow. We prefer things that are sugar coated, things that are palatable and easy to consume. The minute something becomes coarse and goes against the grain, we find it difficult to digest and fathom. Criticism and correction in any sphere is difficult to accept.

One of the tenants of love is to speak freely with the intention of improving; the church, in the New Testament, is encouraged to correct brothers and sisters who may have strayed. The correction is to be done within the realm of love, with a desire to improve the condition of one rather than to pulverise them to a point where they lose their dignity or self worth. Cultural situations differ and in some instances it is easier to turn a blind eye than to correct and straighten. However, it is the duty of every Christian to be their brother’s keeper.

Do you desire to be a better person? Begin to look at life through the lenses of those that see you, do not accept to be downtrodden and stripped of dignity, but rather accept the facts about you that need correction and improvement.

Take the time to pray for the grace required for you to accept the things about yourself that you deny but you know need to be sorted out.

Be blessed!

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