Walk in Spirit: In his image

Walk in Spirit: In his image

Walk in SpiritGalatians 5:14-15; “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: You shall love your neighbour as yourself. But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another!”

Over the last few days I have been around a diverse group of young men. They are from different ethnic and racial groups. I have observed them as they have interacted and travelled together.

I noted some interesting observations from this very basic of human interactions.

Firstly, God created us all differently. Our mannerisms, our features, how we approach life, respond to stimulus, celebrate and generally go about the business of living. We often fall into the trap of trying to get everyone to conform to a standard that is either close or acceptable to what we know. Human beings approach things differently, however, we are all bound by a basic desire to live and succeed.

Within a large group or in any setting really it’s often easier for people with the same interests to gravitate together. So often, individuals are snubbed or feel left out where they try to make overtures to join a group or an association of friends.

People cling to what they know and it is sometimes easier to shun or cautiously approach new things.

People often get hurt by actions that are brazen, impulsive and not well thought out, they tend to strain relations. Within a group, misunderstandings easily arise, words spoken carelessly or body language that is less than charming can be misconstrued and cause offense.

Relationships can easily be strained by the smallest of things. Before long barriers have been created and an association has been lost. As I observed these young men I learnt so much.

The most important thing is that any association that the Lord presents to us is important. We will not always succeed using our human instincts to continue to hold the relations together. Nevertheless we should pray that we are given divine assistance in the management and nurturing of the relations we have.

Our reaction to the things of the world, to the things said and done can sometimes force people to almost become loners. No one is perfect, we are all imperfect beings who should strive to be given the wisdom to manage and cope with the people the Lord has placed in our life.

Some of our associations are academies for the training of perseverance. Sometimes the people we associate with drive us up the wall, but with every interaction there is something to be gained, a lesson to be learnt, whose experience may come into use at some later date.

Brace yourself and learn the art of accepting people for who they are, people with the propensity to do wrong, but at the same time people created in His image who can be agents for the greater good.

Be Blessed.


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