Wadyajena loses  $40 000 to driver Cde Wadyajena
Cde Wadyajena

Cde Wadyajena

Court Reporter
GOKWE-NEMBUDZIYA MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena allegedly lost $40 000 cash and a mobile phone to his driver who broke into his car and went away with the loot.

It is alleged that Richard Manlan’u (35) was ordered to park the vehicle at Fidelity Life Tower, where Cde Wadyajena’s offices are situated.

After parking the vehicle, he is reported to have gone back and broke into the car before stealing the money.

Manlan’u yesterday appeared in court before magistrate Mr Milton Serima, charged with theft.

He was remanded in custody to February 26.

The State strongly opposed bail on the basis that there was overwhelming evidence against him.

Appearing for the State Miss Sharon Mashavira, with the assistance of Ms Chipo Matambo, alleged that on February 9, Cde Wadyajena intended to travel to South Africa on a business trip.

It is alleged that he called Manlan’u and told him that he would pick him in town the following day around 6am.

He wanted Manlan’u to take him to the airport and come back with the vehicle.

The following day, the court heard, Cde Wadyajena picked Manlan’u at the intersection of Enterprise and Robert Mugabe roads and they drove to the airport.

When they arrived at the Harare International Airport, Cde Wadyajena gave Manlan’u the car and instructed him to go and park it in the basement at Fidelity Life Tower.

As per instructions, Manlan’u took the car to Fidelity Life Tower and parked it.

It is the State’s case that he later returned to the car and broke the driver’s door handle and managed to open the door.

It is alleged that he forced open the glove compartment and stole $40 000 cash, a mobile phone — an iPhone S5 and office keys.

Manlan’u is said to have later reported to the police that Cde Wadyajena’s vehicle had been broken into.

According to the State, his statements were inconsistent.

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