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“Wadiwa Wepamoyo” wins hearts of many

26 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
“Wadiwa Wepamoyo” wins hearts of many Part of the cast of “Wadiwa WepaMoyo”

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent

New online television drama series “Wadiwa Wepamoyo” has won the hearts of many social media users.

Now on its seventh episode, the College Central production has been hitting the right codes.

It has won admiration of various local celebrities who regularly post on different social media accounts praising some of the characters, especially the lead character, Man Tawa played by Everson Chieza, and Biko played by Dillon Mafukidze.

“Wadiwa Wepa Moyo” is a tale of two boys from the dusty streets of Harare, Tawanda “Man Tawa” and Biko who have a dream of playing for Manchester United in the United Kingdom. However, everything changes when Tawanda falls in love with Nokuthula.

The drama series airs on College Central’s YouTube account averaging 100 000 views per episode.

Co-writer, producer and director Derby Bheta said they were overwhelmed by their success.

“When we started we were targeting at least 30 000 views, but with the numbers that we are getting, it’s encouraging and overwhelming,” he said.

Bheta said they were working on a tight budget.

“We decided to do something that doesn’t cost much, but is good enough to get our name out there,” he said. “We use our house in Mabelreign and make it look like different locations to save money.”

Bheta said the drama series had been attracting the right attention.

“People have been calling and enquiring on advertising, but I think we will make more money in the next season as the first one is only left with three episodes,” he said.

College Central hopes to air “Wadiwa Wepamoyo” on television.

“If we get the right deal that makes sense to us financially we would love to air on television because that will get us more viewers,” said Bheta.

“We are doing well with YouTube right now, being able to earn enough to produce more episodes. After the end of the season, we will sit down as a team and map a way forward.”

The drama series was co-written by Bheta and Ian Masakanda.

It features veteran actor Ben Mahaka, Bulawayo-based musician Lee McHoney, Tadiwa Bopoto, Monalisa Tendere and Tapiwa Nzira.

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