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Visual artist interacts through painting

19 Jan, 2016 - 00:01 0 Views
Visual artist interacts through painting Thabani Ngandula and one of his paintings

The Herald

Thabani Ngandula and one of his paintings

Thabani Ngandula and one of his paintings

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Nature inspired visual artist Thabani Ngandula was born deaf but has turned to painting as a vehicle for interacting with the world.

The 25-year-old art enthusiast has not allowed the impairment of his hearing to get in the way of his dream.

He has been learning different techniques for many years but prefers using circles as he assigns them greater symbolic value.

For him, circles are for the sphere-shaped earth while boxes resemble limitation.

Speaking through his interpreter, Ngandula said that he prefers telling stories about nature and how it relates to his personal life.

“I love to relate with my environment and to express my response to nature through art. Flowers, trees, water and animals inspire my paintings most of the time,” Ngandula said.

“I believe that one day I will be able to get my hearing ability back which I always portray with a smoking pipe in most of my paintings,” he added.

The artist uses mostly acrylic oil paints and other water paints for his work.

His disability has however not discouraged him from working hard towards his dream to become a globally recognised artist.

Ngandula is currently studying art at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe as a way of improving his expertise. He has participated in several exhibitions at the gallery and other arts institutions around the country.

National Gallery vice chair Mrs Roseta Peters said that Ngandula has been at the gallery for the past three years and has show great promise.

“He has managed to bring out excellent pieces of art. His work is flowing. I believe he will make it big as a visual artist given adequate support,” Peters said.

“He always wants to do something out of the ordinary and brings something amazing all the time,” she added.


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