Virginity is a virtue


Tinashe Nyamushana Cool Lifestyle Writer
Like a balloon in the air a lively fish under the sea,like white milk without any spoiling its presence is a necessity, its value immeasurable. Yet its so fragile. Like an egg, once broken, can never be restored. Like a fish once out of water it’s ready for dinner. Like milk once spoilt can never be pure again. So is virginity. In this article I am using the word virginity to talk about both boys and girls who are not sexually experienced.

A lot of teenagers are exposed to many things and they tend to experiment endlessly resulting in them losing their virginity in this world of shameful wickedness. Everybody still considers freshness. There is no way should you lose yours under the bonds of suppressions,temptations of immorality and premarital indulgences of sex.

Being a virgin these days is something to be proud of because its so rare. Virginity is the ideal target for those who want to deflower and defile young people. Don’t always think in terms of the cheapest or the fastest way to do it, but think what is the most amazing way to do it. Teens of these days are all hungry and thirsty for image as well as too desperate to taste the forbidden fruit.

Let me inspire, you dear fellow teens. You have to keep patient for the time will come. Abstract art will have been good for one thing to restore its exact virginity to figurative. Virginity is such a personal thing, you can’t judge anyone on it. Children should be keep encouraged to delay the sexual debut and to abstain. It is never too late to take a different road.

The concept of virginity has significance only in a particular social, cultural and moral context. Some people say virginity is not a curse. It is a blessing because that intimate gift is meant for the right person. Special advice to you all is that while the world mocks you for your inexperience,know that God is smiling at you for your strength.

In conclusion,stay fresh my dears,be patient,for the time will come. Keep your virginity for it is a present that loses its value unless opened at the right time. For it is a virtue!!!

  • The writer is an Upper Sixth Arts student at Dzivarasekwa 1 High.

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