Vimbai in eye of nudity storm Vimbai Zimuto

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
What started as  fun has now turned sour for out-of-sorts Netherlands-based musician Vimbai Zimuto, who is fast turning into a nude queen than musician and in the fad of seeking relevance yesterday posted her nude picture with a condolence message for the 157 people who perished on a plane crash on Sunday.

One wonders the link between her nudity and the sombreness of the plane crash. Fetid!

The dreadlocked singer posted: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, may all the people who perished on Ethiopian Airlines rest in peace . . . ”

Her message also carried spelling mistakes. Maybe she was in a hurry to undress for another nude photoshoot.

After failing on the music scene, it seems she is desperate to seek relevance by other means. But accompanying a condolence message with a nude photo was a disgusting act stinking of heartlessness and lack of respect for the dead.

Since last week she has been posting a hodgepodge of nudity pictures as a strategy to get more likes on fan-base but yesterday’s nude picture on a condolence message was an act of madness. It cannot be anything more or less.

She received a backlash from people of all backgrounds and some people sought to understand if she was still normal.

“Maybe she doesn’t know what she is doing. I can say she is a failed musician, given the hits she had past weeks we thought she was busy in studio coming up with something to entertain her lured fans, but alas, she has done the unexpected.

“We are Zimbabweans and we are known with our culture. It is not expected for a woman to go this far,” said one local musician who declined to be named. United Kingdom-based actress and choreographer Enisia Mashusha, who seems to be close to Vimbai, gave her a strong word on Facebook.

“Put your energy into producing more works. I’m saying as your sister, mum, aunt. You are so beautiful and you have a beautiful soul as well. I know I’m not perfect but for now chidzora mbijana (stop the craziness). Do it for your late parents, for your late Sekuru Innocent Munyanyiwa. I love you,” noted Mashusha.

Another commentator on social media, Meryln Ndana, posted: “Anomboimba kutiiko uyo, I think azvinyanya manje and her nudity has gone to dogs. Why does she want to portray women as prostitutes, sex objects, what is her goal? This is too much, muchasekerera munhu akutopenga.”

Many people did not have kind words for Vimbai. They concurred that she had exhibited the highest level of immorality by Zimbabwean cultural standards.  Efforts to get comment from the musician were fruitless.

However, some analysts said complaints can be raised with authorities responsible for the social media she is using for her shenanigans and she can be banned from the platforms.

What needs to be understood here, is that Instagram is against any/all forms of nudity on their platform. The difference between the ones that are deleted and the ones that are not, is what percentage of those that you see are actually reported or not.

Instagram can’t keep track of all of the thousands of photos submitted every day, so it’s up to the community to report pictures with nudity so Instagram has an easier time tracking them down and removing them.

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