scheduled to discuss fundamentals for ethical business practice.
This year’s conference, slated for the Elephant Hills Hotel, will be held under the theme “Restoring Business Fundamentals”.
More than 200 ICAZ members are expected to attend the conference with the aim of cross-pollinating knowledge and share thoughts on implementing business fundamentals.
In a statement, the chairman of the organising committee, Mr Themba Mudidi, said the theme was motivated by experiences of the past decade which prompted deviation from normal business practices.
“The theme is focused on business fundamentals that should see companies shift back to normalcy.
“As a country, we went through a depressing phase in the past decade and a number of companies employed unethical tactics to survive.
“Now that the economy is slowly picking up, it is a must for companies to revert back to the orthodox ways of business practices,” he said.
The event will proffer active ideas on restoring business fundamentals through highly experienced local and international speakers, who have been drawn from various sectors of the economy.
He added that this year’s winter school would take a look at key issues affecting the current business landscape such as corporate governance, financing, business leadership and business branding among others.

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