Veterinary Services vaccinates 4 000 cattle File Pic

Locadia Mavhudzi Midlands Reporter
THE Veterinary Services Department has vaccinated 4 000 cattle in Gokwe-Kana area as part of efforts to contain cases of anthrax. The vaccination of the cattle comes in the wake of the death of 11 cattle and the treatment of six villagers who developed anthrax symptoms in the area last week. Midlands veterinary officer Dr Munyaradzi Chigiji said he was happy that they had contained anthrax in Gokwe-Kana.

“We have managed to contain an anthrax outbreak that was reported at Gokwe-Kana area in Gokwe South where 11 cattle died. We have so far vaccinated 3 999 cattle at three diptanks. We will be monitoring the situation to make sure that the cattle are safe. The anthrax cases are now under control and we will be closely monitoring cattle and providing vaccines at diptanks,” he said.

Dr Chigiji said the anthrax disease was first detected in villagers who had consumed meat suspected to have been from an infected cow. The six villagers, Dr Chigiji, said were treated for anthrax at Mukoka Clinic in Gokwe-Kana.

“The anthrax cases were detected from six villagers who were treated probably after consuming meat from an infected cow. But it is suspected that more people could have been affected and did not seek medical attention. As such, health education has been intensified in the affected community to dissuade the community members from consuming meat from cattle that have died on their own. We also encourage those exhibiting signs and symptoms of anthrax to report to the nearest health facilities,” he said.

Dr Chigiji applauded dairy farmers for vaccinating their cattle, adding that so far close to 5 000 cows had been vaccinated as at October 31.

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