Varun US$110m investment increases capacity, variety Varun says the massive investment into production capacity in Zimbabwe has improved product availability, volume packages, variety and quality of its products across the country (File Picture)

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VARUN Beverages, one of Zimbabwe’s largest beverage companies, says it has invested US$110 million since 2018 to establish nine production lines with capacity to produce 80 million bottles and cans per month across the different brands and volume packages.

The Indian multinational company, which has a presence in many countries, continues to grow its footprint in Zimbabwe, operating as Varun Beverages Zimbabwe Private Limited.

Varun Beverages established its first production line in Zimbabwe in 2018, with the initiation ceremony conducted by President Mnangagwa, in line with his rally call “Zimbabwe is open for business”.

With a total investment of US$110 million, Varun Beverages Zimbabwe has plans for further expansion.

Being the second largest bottler of PepsiCo Holdings, Varun Beverages received the prestigious Best Bottler of the World Award for the year

2022, out of more than 200 countries where PepsiCo has a presence globally, for its commitment to high growth, quality, and several other initiatives.

Varun Beverages says it is focused on the delivery of value to its products’ users through the availability of its affordably priced, world-class brands and products such as Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Miranda Orange, Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Pineapple, Mirinda Green Apple, Mountain Dew, Sting Energy Drink,

7Up, Aquaclear Bottled Water and Evervess Soda Water.

Company officials said in a statement last week Varun Beverages officials confirmed that the recent expansion of the firm’s production capacity of cans and PET

lines will enable large-scale production of the Sting Energy Drink from the PepsiCo Holdings portfolio.

The Sting Energy Drink is available in Zimbabwe, from Varun Beverages Zimbabwe, in two packs, 500ml PET and 440ml cans which come in two flavours; gold and red berry. The Sting Energy Drink, Varun said, is available in all leading stores and all the 7 000 push carts at the most affordable prices and world-class quality. 

 “The increased capacity of Sting will help Zimbabwean consumers and retailers reduce dependence on imported and some of expensive energy drinks through a continuous supply of the international energy drink brand Sting from Varun Beverages Zimbabwe Private Limited.

The high distribution penetration of Sting Energy Drink is making the 500ml PET bottles and 440ml cans available throughout Zimbabwe at a very low price for 2x500ml containers while production capacity has been increased.

Varun Beverage said its bottled water, Aquaclear’s availability, including its excellent quality, has ensured a good presence of the product across Zimbabwe in all the provinces within all the leading stores and 7000 push carts of Varun Beverages both in cities and rural areas.

“There are plans to add 2 000 more push carts to ensure that rural consumers do not have to travel long distances to experience the benefit of Varun Beverages Zimbabwe’s great quality and tasty products at affordable prices,” the company said. 

The availability of the 4-in-1 benefits of the 1 litre Varun Beverages PET bottles in brands such as  Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, and Mountain Dew has made it the fastest-growing pack within the Varun Beverages product portfolio.

Further, the company said the 1-litre sparkling beverages provided maximum value to the consumer at the most reasonable price.

The success of Varun Beverages 500ml PET, the beverages maker said, was the game changer from the day it was launched in Zimbabwe, and now with

1 litre PET bottles’ availability across Zimbabwe, will become more affordable with the choice derived from 4-in-1 benefits in the 1-litre Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up and Mountain Dew.

“The 1-litre pack has been very successful for Varun Beverages from its launch last year due to its value proposition for the users and the variety of flavours offered by the company every day throughout the year, across Zimbabwe.

“Varun Beverages is planning to launch new product ranges this season to make the coming summer and festival season very exciting for the people of Zimbabwe.

“These products will be available in all leading stores and shall be made available at more than 7000 Pepsi-branded push carts nationwide.

 Varun Beverages said as part of its drive to give back to society, it will install 2000 more push carts in rural markets, and 1 500 electronic coolers and shall open Aru clinic in Harare to extend cost-free health treatment primarily to the economically vulnerable people or those who want to access this free of cost facility for healthcare.

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