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‘Vadzidzi VaJesu will remain Zanu-PF supporters’

20 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views

The Herald

Fungai Lupande Mash Central Bureau
Members of the Vadzidzi VaJesu Church, founded by the late Aaron Mhukuta Gomo, popularly known as Mudzidzi Wimbo, have vowed to continue supporting President Mnangagwa and promised to vote for Zanu-PF in the July 30 elections.

The church boasts over a million members.

Speaking at the burial of Mudzidzi Wimbo at their church headquarters last week, his son, Mr Zvadaishe Gomo, said his father was a political commissar for Zanu-PF and the church would continue supporting the   party.

“My father supported Zanu-PF and his death will not cause confusion among ourselves because we will continue supporting President Mnangagwa,” he said.

“We will vote for Zanu-PF. “I thank church members for helping me take care of my father when he was not feeling well. I could not bath my father or handle him alone, but church members were very helpful and supportive.

“I followed my father to this church when he left our homestead. I knew about his ailments and I hold no grudges.

“Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba assisted us throughout my father’s illness.

“My father was not only a father to us, but to the nation and Africa. I thank our relatives who managed to come for the funeral and those who did not, I don’t know who they will blame. My father said his death will never stop the church.”

Councillor Gwangwava Gunzvi said Ward 3 had lost a trustworthy and respectable father.

“He preached about unity and this is a sad loss, especially towards elections, but his words give us strength,” he said.

“Let us hold on to his words and give President Mnangagwa a resounding victory on July 30.

“Every time I visited him he showed me scars on his hands from the torture he went through during the liberation struggle.

“This was a symbol of his love to the country. This is the first church to support Zanu-PF without                                                                           fear.”

Maj-Gen Nyikayaramba said Mudzidzi Wimbo received a prophecy before the liberation struggle that in Macheke there were bodies of a white and black man buried in the same pit.

“The black man’s body was underneath the white man who was holding gold,” he said.

“Mudzidzi Wimbo was told by the Holy Spirit that for victory in the war, the white man’s body must be placed underneath the black man.

“After doing so, the liberation struggle started. Mudzidzi Wimbo was known as Mudavanhu, he loved everyone regardless of where they came from.

“He placed in place spiritual successor to carry on with the work of God. Remain united.”

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