Vaccination piece not yet for sale: Ngwerume

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Vaccination piece not yet for sale: Ngwerume David Ngwerume with his popular piece entitled Arms which is about encouraging vaccination against Covid-19.

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo-Senior Arts Reporter

Lawyer cum visual artist, David Ngwerume, has said his sculptures, including the popular one on Covid-19 vaccination, are not yet for sale as he is preparing for exhibition and auction in the near future.

Ngwerume revealed the developments yesterday at his studio in Greendale where he was working on a forthcoming piece entitled “Victory Tango”.

He is aiming to host an exhibition around July, August and September.

Ngwerume said has been frequently asked by different potential buyers across the world, some as far as China, United Kingdom, United Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana, who want to buy his pieces, especially the trendy Covid-19 piece on vaccination.

The visual artiste said for now, it was about collection.

“Two weeks ago when I unveiled my Covid-19 piece on social media, people began pestering me wanting to buy the piece, with some even offering higher prices, but I told them that it was not for sale,” he said.

“Ever since the lockdown started last year, I have been doing three collections of my pieces which are ‘Taking the reins’, ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Thy Next World’. 

“I have my target and I want to start exhibiting not on social media, but have a real private ceremony with bidders and then I auction them. For now, those interested can bid and hold their bidding tags.”

Ngwerume, who has been getting stones from places like Chiweshe, Great Dyke, Mutorashanga, Kwekwe and Redcliff, said he gets inspiration from current societal issues.

“It is our job as artists to use various methods to tell a story, be it a solution to a problem,” he said. 

“My artworks always tell a story directly, not being difficult to interpret. I love horses because of their power and stamina. I have a lot to tell about them that is why I have included them in part of my collection. My Covid-19 pieces have been talk of the town because that is what we are facing, the reality and this connects very well with people. 

“I use spring stone-chromite, lepidolite and chrysoprase stones I get locally.”

The 40-year-old sculptor said he has over 100 pieces he did during the Covid-19 lockdown period and they are all over his home.

“I vividly remember every piece in my yard that I have done, like I said it is a collection. I have been having interviews with people all over the world, with some requesting their offers, but I have turned them down. 

“I am not stopping, remember I had promised that every week I will be unveiling a piece which is part of my collections and I stand by my word.” 

Ngwerume pleaded with the Government and relevant authorities to assist with a non-arable land where he wants to build the biggest sculptor art centre in Zimbabwe.

“I have been helped also and it is my turn now to assist the upcoming and aspiring stone sculptors. I want 200 hectares of land where I want to build a sculptor centre which will also have display sites, traditional game and amusement park, culture centre and workshop, among others. 

“I want to connect the rural and urban life.” 

Ngwerume said he started loving sculpting at a tender age.

“I have been a sculptor since 1995. I learnt all that in Musana rural area during my teenage days. I met visual artist  Cosmas Muchenje and he taught me how to handle tools and the artwork itself.

“From then, I have grown to be an established artist. I have artworks also in Hatfield along Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Road and it is my dream to have pieces in every province.” 

Ngwerume said he is not only a lawyer and a visual artist, but also a culinary artist during his spare time.

“Not many people know that I am into culinary art and I am a diesel plant fitter. I conduct lessons for students. I encourage the youths not to remain idle, but find something they can do with their hands as it sustains livelihoods. 

“I balance my work as a lawyer and a sculptor very well, as each has its own time, then I also have culinary art.”

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