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UZ student develops app to help patients access pharmacies Leo Muchenje

Sifelani Tsiko Agric, Environment & Innovations Editor

Leo Muchenje – a 24-year-old University of Zimbabwe computer science major has developed and designed an interactive web application called a pharmacy locator to make it easier for patients to access pharmacies in the country.

His application features an interactive platform that can help patients locate a pharmacy closer to them when searching for medication.

“The pharmacy locator is all about making life easier when looking for medicine here in Zimbabwe,” said Muchenje, a computer science graduate trainee.

“The major purpose is to help anyone to find the nearest pharmacy which sells the specific medicine that they will be looking for.”

Pharmacy locator splash screen

His innovation sought to find a solution suitable to the problems facing patients in the country.

“Innovations are already there that provide locations of nearest pharmacies, but they do not provide the stock inside the pharmacies. Our innovation shows the nearest pharmacy that sells the specific medicine that is needed. Also it allows the users to see the pharmacies that accept their medical aids and pharmacies that offer delivery of medicine at their homes,” Muchenje said.

His application was published on google play store, but it is not yet available to the public.

“It is still under testing mode. Right now we are in the process of recruiting pharmacies to use the platform since it requires input from the pharmacies in order to work. Once we have at least 10 pharmacies on board, the mobile application will then be published to the public.

“The application will be available for Android users, iPhone users, Windows users and it will also be accessed via an internet browser,” the 24-year-old innovator said.

Muchenje said the application can be downloaded and used for free by the public.

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