UZ sign language students help vendors

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UZ sign language students help vendors Some of the uz students during a sign language lesson.

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Reginald ChirenjeYouth Interactive Writer

As the education system in Zimbabwe undergoes various changes and updates from time to time, it has given multiple opportunities of inclusivity of all people in the Zimbabwean society. 

Education 5.0 introduced in universities is one of such changes as students at the University of Zimbabwe now study Sign Language as part of their courses. 

The Zimbabwe Sign Language was first introduced by the missionaries back in the 1940s in the schools they built for leaf children to learn ways they can communicate with others. 

One of these iconic schools is Emerald Hill School of the Deaf.

As much as the modern Zimbabwean society has been creating an inclusive environment for people living with disabilities, a little has been done for the people who are deaf and dumb since many cannot communicate with them and would need a translator to do so.

The young and energetic students at the university have embraced the new change and the number of students taking the is quite overwhelming as the number surpasses 320 students.

“Learning Sign Language has helped me interact more with people who are deaf, mostly vendors in the streets of Harare CBD and also learning a whole lot of things about the deaf culture and communities.  This has given me a better understanding of the challenges that people with hearing impairment face everyday,” said Mangaliso Kubulika, one of the students.

Many of these students have been spending most of their free time interacting with deaf vendors in Harare CBD and also helping some of them communicate with their customers through translation.

Such an initiative like this, creating such opportunities so that everyone can participate in building the life and future of the country, promotes practical changes that will see the dismissal of barriers and an increase participation.

“All this which is being done by the students is a clear indication of how passionate the young generation is in breaking down communication barriers and creating an environment where a disability is not a limitation to communication,” said one of the Lecturers, Mr. Matende

The students have been nothing but a clear reflection of how easy it is to study and master sign language, making it one of the languages that they speak very fluently.

“Sign Language is now a common communication skill that I personally believe can benefit all people, the deaf, dumb and those who can hear or talk clearly,” Takudzwa Machekera added

Multiple signs in the language have developed over the course of time in Zimbabwe with Masvingo School Sign popping up and being different to the rest as these signs are being adopted from different societal languages all around Zimbabwe.

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