UZ law student retakes A-Level exam to relate

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UZ law student retakes  A-Level exam to relate Mboneni Ngwenya

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Dylan Dzenga Youth Interactive Writer

The education sector in Zimbabwe has been experiencing multiple upgrades as it shifts to the new curriculum in primary and high schools, whilst Universities and Colleges adopt Education 5.0

Mboneni Ngwenya is a 22-year-old Law student at the University of Zimbabwe who recently got his second A level results which he passed with 25 points.

The young man finished high school in 2017 and got enrolled into UZ law school in 2018.

“I have always been interested in understanding what young people go through, especially those still in school and recently, many have been complaining and seemed to be facing hardships in keeping up with the new curriculum,” said Mboneni

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking its toll, students have been finding it difficult to adapt to the new curriculum since they spent their time at home in lockdown. This has also negatively impacted the pass rate as it has been dropping since the candidates of 2021.

Ngwenya decided to redo A Level again to try and understand what the students are experiencing. He attained 25 points since he was doing six subjects – Ndebele, History, Family and Religious Studies, Geography, Biology and Chemistry.

He says although he had other reasons for doing science subjects, the main aim for this was to try and understand what the students are going through by becoming one of them.

“Now I have better knowledge of how high school feels like nowadays and it will be easier for me to suggest ways to ease the pressure on the students and also make sure the pass rate keeps improving as well,” Mboneni added

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council released the Advanced Level Results on 4April and the pass rate increased to 84,67 percent compared.

According to Mboneni, a few of the challenges for the candidates and the teachers is that of having so many CALAs to assess per individual which needs improvement so that teachers are less burdened.

“What I just want to say to those who have passed is congratulations for making it thus far, celebrate.

“But I would like to counsel you also.

Having a qualification is good but it is not enough if you are not going to make an impact or if you are not going to make any difference or solve some of the problems

The world does not reward qualification or mere possession of knowledge but it rewards value addition and service.

Only those that will add value to the society and render good service will live to continually enjoy the reward of their work,” he added

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