US worse than Third World countries, says Trump

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US worse than Third World countries, says Trump Donald Trump

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WASHINGTON. — Outgoing US President Donald Trump yesterday morning bitterly complained about US elections in a Twitter frenzy, labelling the process as being “worse than that of Third World countries”.

The subject of venting of the presidential spleen was the Senate runoffs in Georgia, which look very favourable for the Democrats. The networks called the race on Tuesday night for Raphael Warnock (Democrat) over Sen Kelly Loeffler (Republican), and Jon Ossoff (Democrat) has a several thousand vote lead over Sen David Perdue (Republican), with the ballots that remain to be counted from mainly Democratic-leaning areas.

If the two Democrats’ leads hold, that will flip control of the Senate over to the Democrats. With the House narrowly held by Democrats as well, President-elect Joe Biden will have an easier time passing legislation and getting his nominees approved.

Trump’s unceasing baseless claims of election fraud were viewed by many as undermining Georgia Republican voters’ confidence in the election and depressing turnout.

Trump responded with a string of morning tweets that swiftly drew the Twitter fact-checking labels, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

He complained about fraud, claimed that Vice President Mike Pence can somehow reject the Electoral College votes, called the American election process “worse than that of third world countries.” – MediaITE

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