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US records highest single day Covid-19 infections since April

26 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
US records highest single day Covid-19 infections since April

The Herald

WASHINGTON. — The US has recorded a one-day total of 34 700 new Covid-19 cases, the highest level since late April, when the number peaked at 36 400, according to the count kept by Johns Hopkins  University.

A coronavirus resurgence is wiping out two months of progress in the US and sending infections to worrying new levels in southern and western states.

Administrators and health experts warned on Wednesday that politicians and a public that, in many cases, is tired of being cooped up are letting a disaster unfold.

While new infections have been declining steadily in early hotspots such as New York and New Jersey, several other states set single-day records this week, including Arizona, California, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma.

North Carolina and South Carolina joined some other states in breaking hospitalisation records.

“People got complacent,” said Marc Boom, the chief executive of the Houston Methodist hospital system. “And it’s coming back and biting us, quite frankly.”

With the US death toll creeping towards 122 000 on Wednesday, and confirmed cases at almost 2.4 million for the US, a widely-cited University of Washington computer model of the outbreak projected nearly 180 000 deaths by October 1.

Stocks slid on Wall Street as the news dampened hopes for a quick economic turnaround. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 700 points for a drop of 2.7 percent.

The broader S&P 500 fell 2.6 percent.

Experts urged Americans to continue following guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus as, in total, seven states reported record-high hospitalisations and 19 others saw new cases rising compared to last week. — US News.

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