US pushes regime change in South Africa

US pushes regime change in South Africa Gwede Mantashe
Gwede Mantashe

Gwede Mantashe

Katherine Frisk Correspondent
The ruling ANC says it is using diplomatic channels to address its concerns that the US embassy is involved in “irregular activities” and is trying to advance regime change in South Africa.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe recently told an anti-racism rally in Pretoria that he believed the US embassy was meeting regularly to mobilise for a change in leadership in the country, similar to the Arab Spring.

He also said the government was aware of a programme that took young people to the US for six weeks and then “plants them everywhere” when they return.

I cannot say that I was surprised. I have been expecting it for a number of years as I have watched the tensions build in South Africa and the games being played in other parts of the world, all in the interests of “Freedom and democracy” and let’s not forget, “American interests” of course!

Outright war under false pretenses has become passe, instead what has been designed is a “colour revolution” with a propaganda machine behind it in major mockingbird western media outlets that blows away any truthful, honest or accurate reporting. Please educate yourself on this international virus that pops up in almost every country on the planet.

What is the objective? There are a number of them which I will list below.

Through infiltration and subversive tactics, demonstrations, riots and acts of aggression, the duly elected government of any country is overthrown and in its place are politicians who have been educated, trained and are on the payroll of the major American corporations. Here is a sample list:

Bain Capital; The Carlyle Group; Blackrock; Vanguard; Goldman Sachs; J.P. Morgan; Chevron; Barclay’s; Deutche Bank; AIG; Beyer; Monsanto. These companies are all connected to what is known as the Vampire Squid, or: The 50 Corporations That Rule The World.

Once into power they do not act for the benefit of the people who have elected them, for the benefit of the country and it’s people, but for the benefit of these corporations and pass laws, health, education, environmental, banking and legal edicts that are in the interests of these corporations and their profit margins.

These corporations have devised a new political system which is known as the very secretive Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and the Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership whereby corporations, which include the banking sector, will have the same rights as governments, with their own courts and legal systems and will not be answerable to anyone except themselves. They will be tax exempt and should the laws of any government interfere in their profits, be that environmental, health, minimum wage etc, they will be able to sue those governments for loss of profits. They can even sue those governments for future loss of profits.

Once the duly elected government is replaced by bought and paid for puppets of their own, any country that has not signed into similar TTP and TTIP agreements will now do so.

In real on the ground terms, what does this mean? It means the privatisation of all institutions that were once paid for by the tax payer and for the tax payers benefit.

From an environmental standpoint, these corporations will buy out any and all resources and will not have to comply with environmental laws. Fracking for example, which is a destructive practice, will be allowed and the companies who frack will not have to comply with environmental or wage laws and should they be forced to do so, will be able to sue the government for loss of income in secret law courts of their own and the bill will be duly presented to the tax payer.

All hospitals, schools, police and I might add, law courts, will be privatized. In the case of the law courts, if you cannot afford someone to represent you, nobody will be provided to defend your interests. Tough takkie! They will function not as a service to the tax paying public, but as profitable entities who are not subject to paying tax and who have the same rights as governments.

Farm land will be appropriated by large corporate giants like Monsanto and small-scale private farming will be abolished. All food sources will be patented and put into the hands of these corporations. Bill Gates intends owning every seed, every plant and the patent of every animal. Up to and including your own DNA. You will have to pay to have your own children one day.

In the case of South Africa, the country is not currently part of any TTP or TTIP agreements and are part of the BRICS banking system, which is not part of the fiat dollar but is based on gold backed securities. This is anathema to American corporations and they intend breaking it up and destroying it.

If the coup in Kiev in Ukraine is anything to go by, a subversive and underhand “colour revolution” is currently taking place in South Africa. In the case of Kiev, the puppet government engineered by George Soros and Victoria Nuland handed over large tracts of land throughout Ukraine to the fracking industry in which Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has a major interest.

They also handed over large tracts of land to Monsanto for corporate genetically modified and patented farming.

This resulted in the people of eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region rejecting the unelected new government installed by American corporations in a coup under the banner of “Freedom and democracy” and “American interests” in order to protect their own national interests, their farm land and their country from an American corporate fascist invasion. Because that is what it is. It is certainly NOT capitalism with checks and balances against monopolies.

The youth in western Ukraine were rounded up and forced to fight a war against people who in many instances were their own relations. The farmers in eastern Ukraine were Grad Rocket shelled out of their homes and off their land. Over 1 million people fled to Russia for safety. Over half a million have been displaced. When the dust has settled, the land will be devoid of its farmers who have been there family after family for hundreds of years. Mission accomplished. So much for the glorious Maidan, which started out when snipers shot at protesters and police alike in order to get the whole nightmare rolling. This was and still is an extension of Operation Gladio, which is well worth informing yourself about.

So to my fellow South Africans, while you laugh at Jacob Zuma and toy toy for Inkandla, and scream about Russian Nuclear Power stations, which by the way, are designed to use Nuclear WASTE and recycle it in order to make it harmless, which means that Zupta will not benefit because Rosatom neither wants nor needs our uranium or anybody else’s for that matter, you are setting yourselves up to become a province of the corporate fascist Giant Squid that is consuming country after country like a monstrous pac man. Scar has nothing on these guys. Nor does Sauron, or the Sith Lord for that matter. This is the “New Age.” Ask Gupta.

The next time America forces us to buy their rotten chicken and meat products that we do not need and Homeland Insecurity do not want, give that drought some serious consideration and do some research on Geoengineering and Weather Modification used as “weapons of persuasion.” These days these things do not “just sommer happen.”

The next time there is a “Marikana,” read between the lines and find out who started it and who paid who to ensure that it became violent. The next time we are beset by xenophobia search out the match that lit the fire.

The next time Eskom blacks out ask yourself if there is not some kind of covert internal and external sabotage going on in order to force the ANC to sell it to private offshore interests, in which case your electricity bill will quadruple in the same way that the country has now been burdened with toll gate fees. Similar to the assault on the Rand, when Sasol and Deutche bank almost brought the value of the rand to its knees because they were of the opinion that the ANC was not privatising fast enough! Meanwhile western companies have been buying illegal and stolen oil from ISIS and in effect have been funding them. — Veterans Today.

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