US lawyers send local proxy to observe Mamombe, Chimbiri trial Chief Magistrate Mrs Faith Mushure noted that State witnesses testified that there was a large quantum of data used by Mamombe and Chimbiri, which proves there was physical interaction between the mobile phones and their users.

Senior Court Reporter 

A United State of America-based lawyers association, the American Bar Association, has expressed its interest in the ongoing trial in which CCC members, Joana Mamombe and Cecelia Chimbiri, allegedly faked their abductions in May 2020, after it sent a proxy to observe the court proceedings.


The American Bar Association has instructed a local law firm,  Tave Nhave and Machingauta Associates to observe the ongoing trial on its behalf.


Mamombe and Chimbiri are charged with communicating falsehoods prejudicial to the State.


A lawyer from Tave Nhave and Machingauta Associates has since engaged Mr Alec Muchadehama,  who is representing Mambombe and Chimbiri, to notify the court and State of their interests in the ongoing trial.


Mr Michael Reza, appearing for the State, told the court that the American Bar Association should follow appropriate procedure if the association wants to observe the court proceedings.

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