US hypocrisy knows no bounds Ibbo Mandaza should pay his masters a visit at the Embassy of the United States of America in Zimbabwe and air his displeasure at the amount of persecution the United States is perpetrating on Palestine through Israel. 

Prosperity Mzila-Correspondent

The United States is a two faced nation that says one thing and turns around and does the exact opposite. 

It has been known to be the proponent of democracy and of civil and human rights. 

However, evidence on the ground will prove otherwise. 

The US is actually the biggest violator of human rights the world over. 

It has committed so many human atrocities; the bodies of its dead would fill an entire nation. 

Using Israel as its launch pad/military base, the US has attacked and terrorised nations in the Middle East; killing, displacing and maiming millions. 

Recently, the world woke up to renewed shelling in the Gaza strip by Israel which destroyed a residential tower and killed 28 Palestinians and two Israelites, and as usual, the US has been quiet, nothing on its twitter handle. 

It’s as though nothing is happening. 

The US is mum about these human atrocities happening in Gaza. Israel is killing people in the Gaza strip. 

Where is the US? Where are its Civil Society Organisations, why are they quiet, is it because they can’t bite the hand that feeds them? 

There had been so much noise and meddling in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs by the US in an effort to justify imposition of the illegal sanctions. 

Zimbabwe has been on the US/UK/EU illegal sanctions since 2000, sanctions that have destroyed lives and livelihoods. 

The sanctions have affected the restocking, refurbishing of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. 

I have never heard the likes of Ibbo Mandaza raise their voices for their own people the way they are raising them now for Palestine. 

Charity begins at home. 

Until Zimbabwe is free, one cannot demand Africa to spare resources to go and fight wars it never started. 

Ibbo Mandaza should pay his masters a visit at the Embassy of the United States of America in Zimbabwe and air his displeasure at the amount of persecution the United States is perpetrating on Palestine through Israel. 

What really boggles the mind is the extent of indoctrination some of our citizens have embraced to believe that other nations are better than their own. 

We only have one country and at the moment we have some challenges. 

Industries and some factories have closed due to failure for Zimbabwe to get investments as investors are threatened with embargoes by the big brother — US. 

The problem in Gaza had the US written all over the debris of bombarded residential towers, the dead Palestinians and the wounded in hospitals. 

It has always been the US’ number one priority to dominate other nations and violence has been its modus operandi. 

It does not take well to being side-lined, ignored and left out; it’s extremely jealousy and will go to any lengths to exert its authority. Nations in question include Iraq, which was accused of manufacturing and stocking nuclear war heads. 

Libya’s mistake was to try and unite Africa and make it realise its worthy. 

Now the two countries resemble ruins after the US unleashed its anger on them. 

Israel is a US proxy used to intimidate the Middle East. 

The US has committed human rights violations across the globe, but has always managed to walk scot free. 

When will the world join hands against the bully? The US must be dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to answer its untoward behaviour. 

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the US threatened to and subsequently withdrew its funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

Could this be the reason why the United Nations fails to reprimand the US even in the face of all its atrocities across the globe, including in the US against people of colour? 

If the US financial contributions to the UN are a threat to the entire world, then it should be regulated and each country must pay equal amounts toward the UN. 

No country should be more powerful than the world organisation. 

All countries of the world can contribute equally to the United Nations, because no one really owns the UN. 

It belongs to the world. If this continues unabated, then the UN will soon be a toothless bull dog like its predecessor, the League of Nations. 

The world is tired of the US and the United Kingdom’s constant meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, leaving a trail of blood behind and ruined countries. 

This must stop and nations must voice it out. 

Terrorists are created by the US and its allies, as the saying goes — one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. As the US and its allies ravage other nations, killing, maiming and destroying, they leave behind a trail of angry and grieving people with nothing to lose. 

To end terrorism, the US should leave other countries alone and mind its own business. 

It baffles one how a country can have a foreign policy that is about destroying other countries, stealing and syphoning raw materials. What kind of foreign policy is that? 

Zimbabwe’s New Dispensation under President Emmerson Mnangagwa has an engagement and re-engagement thrust calling on its friends and foes to work together, to nurture friendships, trade relations and investments and partnerships. 

The US is still looking at the outstretched arm and contemplating. 

It’s about time the US and the UK realise that the globalisation of the world into one village is fast exposing their evil deeds and soon they will find themselves isolated. 

They are messing with a two edged sword. 

Russia, China, Brazil and India are fast growing economies and they are embracing other countries fast, overtaking the US and the UK and their allies. 

Syria is aware that if it was not for Russia, today it would have been a pile of ruins as the US once attempted to destroy it. 

Zimbabwe is aware that if it was not for China and Russia their all-weather friends who have stood with them before and after independence, it would have long been buried in a rubble of dust because of the US and UK. 

Africa today is advancing because of Russia and China. They realise they can survive and be prosperous without the US and UK hand. Time shall come when the bullies will be at the receiving end of the stick. It shall be a time to reckon with.

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