New YORK: – The recent crackdown on pro-Palestinian demonstrating students throughout America has proved just one thing; the Washington Administration does not practice what it preaches.

They used force, they used brutal tactics against unarmed students and they used tear smoke. They beat them up. 

If this was in another country, the Joe Biden Administration would have gone ballistic and even used it as a pretext for imposing sanctions and other restrictive measures.

But when you look at the demonstration by the students, it was a mere protest against a failed US foreign policy that does not treat Palestinians as being as humane as Israelis.

That is definitely a flawed and unacceptable foreign policy. The students also linked this to White House’s regard for national socio-economic problems.

Therefore, the protesters were seen by the US as a major threat that could spark an uprising when licked to failed economics that have eroded the earnings and savings of the middle class in the US. The baby boomers in particular were feared that they would join the protesting students as part of airing their grievances against the Biden administration.

The Democratic Party, automatically discredited itself as a proponent of democracy.

The name of George Soros also features prominently as they were fears that through his funding in the university campuses, he would influence a serious uprising like he did in the Orange Revolution and in Ukraine 2004-2005 and the Euromaidan in Kiev in 2013-2014.

The Biden administration no longer enjoys broad support not only from its own party but from the general population.

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