US Embassy funds Mliswa Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Walter Nyamukondiwa Chinhoyi Bureau
THE United States Embassy has reportedly poured in an undisclosed amount of money to bankroll sacked Zanu-PF legislator for Hurungwe West Mr Temba Mliswa who is interested in contesting the seat as an independent.

The revolutionary party’s secretary for Administration Dr Ignatius Chombo at the weekend said despite the involvement of the Americans through their spy agent Mr Eric Little who was funding Mr Mliswa, Zanu-PF was confident of retaining the seat.

Speaking after a meeting with traditional leaders including chiefs, headmen and kraal heads from Hurungwe at Zvipani Business Centre at the weekend, Dr Chombo said Zanu-PF and Government were aware of US activities in the area.

“We are aware that an official with one of the embassies in Harare called Eric Little travelled throughout the area funding certain projects and yet this individual is an enemy of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“He is in the country to promote regime change.”

Dr Chombo warned aspiring Zanu-PF candidates against associating with regime change agents and using their funds, saying they risked being expelled from the party.

“So, if there are any individuals or any members of the party wanting to replace Temba (Mliswa) and they are going to use these funds from sources that are illegal and illegitimate, we will consider them to be enemies of the party and enemies of the State and they will be appropriately disqualified,” he said.

Nine candidates are vying to represent Zanu-PF in the Hurungwe West constituency by-election on June 10.

Dr Chombo said the party should move quickly to hold primary elections to choose a candidate to represent the party so that all efforts would be channelled towards one candidate.

He said people in Hurungwe West should be allowed to choose a candidate of their choice and any attempt to impose a candidate would not be tolerated.

Dr Chombo later addressed members of the Johanne Marange apostolic sect at their Kemureza Shrine where he explained the reasons why Mr Mliswa was expelled from the party and why elections have to be held.

Church representative Mr Isaac Tivakudze said anyone who rebelled against President Mugabe was not fit to lead the people.

“We stand resolutely behind President Mugabe and anyone who has other ideas is not with us,” he said.

Mr Mliswa together with his uncle and former Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Mr Didymus Mutasa were expelled from Parliament recently after the party wrote disowning them for going against party dictates.

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