US-based musical group to tour Zim


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Huntertones, a Brooklyn-based musical band, is set to tour Zimbabwe next week as part of their 2016 international music tour.

The United States group comes in the country courtesy of a collaboration between the US Embassy and Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA). The group will be performing at several venues in Mutare and Harare from February 8 to to February 13 and will also conduct workshops for music students at Africa University and with student groups in Harare.

This tour is part of HIFA’s “HIFA Presents” group of projects that was announced last year. HIFA in October 2015, announced that for 2016, its activities will be spread throughout the year and will include projects where it will present various artistic events in collaboration with various partners. These events would be grouped in five categories with “HIFA Presents” being one that focuses on artistic performances. Huntertones is a high energy band founded in Columbus, Ohio, and currently based in New York.

The band’s signature sound comes from adventurous original compositions and arrangements that meld jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, R&B, and rock.

In addition to covering a wide range of genres, their heavy horn-driven compositions meld jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, gospel, R&B, and rock to produce a signature sound that resonates with all types of audiences. The band’s mission is simple, create live music on real instruments that will often make you think and always make you move. The programme will include a free performance on Friday, February 12.

The cultural diplomacy programme is facilitated by an American non-profit organization, American Music Abroad (AMA), through a grant from the US Department of State. AMA facilitates people-to-people cultural exchange programmes designed to communicate America’s musical contributions and diverse culture to the global music scene. Cultural envoys are selected on the basis of artistic quality and commitment to education and cultural engagement. AMA bands represent a wide variety of American musical genres and reached more than 45 countries around the world during 2014 and 2015. Jazz Ambassador alumni included Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Dave Brubeck.

“We are excited about hosting Huntertones, we believe the fusion of the Zimbabwean and American jazz experience will maintain the strong cultural ties our two countries have always shared,” said Kelly McCaleb, deputy public affairs officer at the US Embassy.

“Their engagement with Zimbabweans will showcase our ongoing creative ties and provide an opportunity for all the participants, including the Huntertone musicians, to explore the musical and cultural diversity both here in Zimbabwe and in the United States.”

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