US-based author tackles diaspora problems

US-based author tackles diaspora problems Lisa Rufaro

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Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
United States-based Zimbabwean author Lisa Rufaro has published a book titled “Here I Am: Tears of an African Immigrant” which gives an insight of the transition of relocating from Zimbabwe to the diaspora.

Rufaro shares her episodic structured memoir on her childhood, family values, and unforeseen trials prevailed only by prayer and her faith in God. In an interview, Rufaro highlighted some of the personal experiences her family went through when they got to America and how they managed to thrive.

“There is a Godly purpose to everything under the sun, including life’s challenges. My hope through this book’s testimony is to bring you to a place of true authenticity and self-reflection before God as I did. This is a story of not just young Lisa, but her family prevailing over the most unimaginable battles while relocating to United States,” she said.

Rufaro said the book is meant to give hope and strength to those who are struggling.

“This book call to action those questioning God from a current or previous life challenge to have a ‘Here I am’ moment.
“After experiencing betrayal by close relatives, what would all the midnight tears accumulate to? Today, I have learned to say, ‘Here I am, Lord. Have your way’,” said Rufaro.

Prayer Counsellor and Lay Preacher Blessing T Kavai who had an opportunity to read the book said it is an uplifting book for the mind and soul.

“If one were contemplating throwing in the towel or were found in a state of lost hope due to life’s endless challenges, then this Holy Spirit led piece of writing by Lisa Rufaro will change your course and re-ignite your faith. I encourage you to follow this faith moving account on how very young, humble Lisa and her family, through prayer and unwavering trust in God prevailed over some of the most unimaginable battles in life,” said Kavai.

The book is available both in soft and hard copy going for $3,99 and $11,95 respectively.

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