US ambassador to Botswana exposed over lies on Zimbabwe Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax

Herald Reporter

SADC executive secretary Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax has exposed United States ambassador to Botswana Craig Lewis Cloud’s lies that failed economic policies and corruption has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy.

United States Ambassador to Botswana Craig Lewis Cloud

Ambassador Cloud met Dr Tax at the regional body’s headquarters in Gaborone, Botswana yesterday and the US embassy in Botswana later tweeted: “Ambassador Cloud and @DrTax also discussed how failed economic policies and corruption have created the current economic crisis in Zimbabwe. #ItsNotSanctions.”

The tweet by Dr Tax

Responding to the tweet, Dr Tax said no such thing was discussed adding that it could be the US embassy’s position but not that of Sadc.

“This was not part of what was discussed. Might be the position of the embassy, but definitely not Sadc’s position,” said Dr Tax.

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