US abusing UN charter: President

US abusing UN charter: President

He said Nam states should be wary of emerging world trends that were a threat to international peace.
The President said there was calcu­lated “manipulation” by the West to undermine many smaller nations and block them from attaining legitimate democracy.
He urged Nam to resist such demands that undermined the people’s sovereignty.


Aggressive Western countries, he said, triggered unrest in some nations to justify the so-called humanitarian inter­vention.
President Mugabe said the continued use of force to advance the interests of some countries through UN systems was a matter of serious concern.
He expressed regret that Iran was being singled out for punishment by the US for pursuing nuclear power “for peaceful and developmental purposes for the benefit of her people”.

“The irony is that it’s countries that have nuclear weapons that are making the loudest noises in accusing Iran of allegedly having the potential of making a nuclear bomb. How hypocritical,” the President said.

He, however, said the Palestinian question had not been addressed in a long time despite a global position to have consensus on the matter.
The people of Palestine, President Mugabe said, had been denied their independence with Jerusalem as their capital.
He said occupiers continued to vio­late UN resolutions with impunity.

President Mugabe said the same UN members continued to protect Israel that violated such resolutions and tram­pled on the rights of the Palestinians.
“Nam should condemn Israel’s con­tinued occupation, settlement and expansion into Palestine.

“We must identify measures to advance the cause of the Palestinian people to have their own independent and secure state.”
He said Zimbabwe was disturbed by the actions of the Nato “warmongers”.

The increased violence in Syria, Pres­ident Mugabe said, was a direct conse­quence of actions by Nato warmongers outside the UN Security Council man­date.
He urged the belligerents to have an inclusive engagement to end hostilities in Syria.

“The primary responsibility of finding a solution in Syria should rest in the hands of the Syrian people themselves,” he said.
Using Zimbabwe’s experience, President Mugabe said it was the peo­ple of Syria who were supposed to face each other at the negotiating table.

He said that was supposed to be done without undue foreign interfer­ence.
President Mugabe said the first challenge faced by Nam was to reform the UN system by bringing it into line with contemporary reality.
The Security Council has to be more representative, transparent and accountable.

He said Africa’s case to have equal representation in the UN Security Council had been made clear.
President Mugabe added that it was high time Nam pressed for the democratisation of UN financial institutions.
“They must be representative and work for the interests of all and not just the interests of a few,” he said.

President Mugabe said poverty was a threat to international peace, adding that efforts were supposed to be made to improve the interests of the people.
He said it was clear that there were no resources to achieve Millen­nium Development Goals by 2015.
President Mugabe said Zimbabwe had remained a target of sanctions by the Western countries as they sought to impose their will on the peo­ple.

“Our diamond companies have been blocked from trading freely.”
He said the companies were blocked despite the fact that Zimbabwe was cleared by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.
Meanwhile, President Mugabe returned home last night.

He was met at the Harare International Airport by Vice President Joice Mujuru, service chiefs and other senior Government officials.

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