Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Sabau yesterday confirmed the incident.
“The incident occurred on Saturday at around 3am when three suspects entered into the Mandebvu house. They were armed with knifes and spears,” he said.
“They broke into the house with the inten­tion of stealing, unfortunately for the rob­bers, the father of the house woke up.”
Insp Sabau said it is alleged Mandebvu’s father was later joined by his son (Taurai), daughter, maid and two neighbours.
“The three robbers started fighting with the six accused persons resulting in some of the accused people sustaining injuries,” he said. “Two of the robbers managed to escape, while the one who remained died as a result of the injuries from the fight.”
Insp Sabau said the identity of the deceased was unknown as he did not have any identification particulars.
“His name is not known, but police believe he is aged between 24 and 30 years,” he said.
“The body was taken to Harare Central Hospital mortuary while the accused six are detained at Hatfield Police Station.”
The six are expected to appear in court soon facing murder charges.
In a related inci­dent, Insp Sabau said another suspected thief was fatally assaulted yesterday morning in Tafara.
“The details are still sketchy, but it is believed that the man who died is an ex-con­vict,” he said.
Insp Sabau appealed to the pub­lic to handover suspects to the police.

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