professional values, as they are ambassadors of professionalism.
BDO Zimbabwe managing partner Mr Ngoni Kudenga recently told graduates of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe that accountants need to slow down as they were in a rush to get into the corporate world without acquiring full training.
“Accountants that are being trained these days are in a rush to go into the corporate world because they are attracted by the packages that some accounting firms are offering out there.
“Hence this produces half-baked accountants who lack the professional expertise and this degrades the accounting profession as most people will be questioning our expertise,” he said.
Speaking at the same occasion, ICAZ president Mr Canada Malunga said that for one to become a qualified Chartered Accountant takes a lot of weight and magnanimous reverence.
“CAs remain strategic tools in the economic turnaround efforts hence it is a challenge to the newly qualified.
“You formulate part of the critical component that is invaluable towards nation building therefore do not underestimate the difference that you can make towards economic growth,” he said.
ICAZ retains the prerogative to administer the training of CAs, as it is the premier accounting body in the country. The process remains closely monitored by the institute through its committees such as the Education Committee and Examination Board.

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