Upgrade of city roundabouts takes shape A slip lane being added at the Airport Road roundabout.

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Reporter

The upgrading of the traffic circles across Harare through the construction of slip lanes is fast taking shape, in a move aimed at reducing congestion in the city under the ongoing Government Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme.

Further, the rehabilitation of bridges that had been damaged by accidents is also crystallizing.

Our crew toured the roundabouts and observed that notable progress was being done at Airport Road and Kuwadzana traffic circles.

Manyame Bridge maintenance by Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development officials.

Slip lanes are set to allow vehicles that will be turning left to avoid entering the traffic circle.

At Airport Road, part of the slip lane being done by Leengate was being gravelled.

Traffic circles are included in the emergency programme as they help reduce congestion, with Leengate also upgrading the Westgate roundabout.

At Kuwadzana roundabout, contractors were still working on opening the slip lane on the left side coming from the city centre.

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