Upgrade communication facilities in Beitbridge: MP

Upgrade communication facilities in Beitbridge: MP Cde Mdau
Cde Mdau

Cde Mdau

Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau
Beitbridge West constituency legislator Cde Metrine Mdau has called for the urgent upgrading of communication facilities in the area, which she said were hampering development and the monitoring of key Government projects.

In an interview on Wednesday this week, Cde Mdau said most people in the area were relying on foreign mobile network providers. “You will realise that most projects are hampered by the lack of communication facilities and in some cases people in the most remote parts of the district have to rely on police radios or foreign mobile service providers,” she said.

“People are facing a lot of challenges, especially in cases of emergencies. We used to have some fixed telephones at most business centres in the district, but these were vandalised by copper cable thieves.”

Cde Mdau said the worst affected areas were Shashe, Malibeng, Limpopo and Swereki and several others along the border with Botswana and South Africa.

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