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Unilever certified Top Employer in Africa

31 Oct, 2016 - 00:10 0 Views
Unilever certified  Top Employer in Africa

The Herald

africa_abroadBusiness Reporter

Unilever has been certified as the Top Employer in Africa for the third time in a row. Unilever’s Top Employer status in Africa was solidified when the company was certified in Zimbabwe for the first time and achieved No.1 status in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.“At Unilever we work hard to combine our global experience with our deep Africa roots to develop local talent so we are delighted to see our efforts recognised by the internationally renowned Top Employers, which is a truly independent and verifiable measure of industry best practice.

“The future of Africa lies in its people and we are fully committed to seeing our African operations set best in class HR standards and offer talented Africans a career based on values and integrity where they can truly shine,” said Bruno Witvoet, Unilever Africa Executive Vice President.

The annual international research and audit undertaken by the Top Employers Institute recognises leading employers around the world that provide excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation, and which strive to continuously optimise employment practices.

“Unilever was honoured by the top employer research for exceptional employee offerings and as an organisation which puts its people first and is dedicated to their personal and professional development. I would encourage more companies to participate and raise the bar on employment practices across the country andcontinent,” said Hilary Muzondiwa, Unilever Zimbabwe Managing Director.

Samantha Crous, Regional Director Africa for the Top Employers Institute says, “Our extensive research concluded that Unilever Africa forms part of a select group of employers that advance employee conditions worldwide. Their people are well taken care of. Now that they have received the Top Employers Africa 2016 /17 certification, they can truly consider themselves at the top of an exclusive group of the world’s best employers — a remarkable feat to celebrate”

According to Mr Muzondiwa, Unilever’s secret to success is the fact that the company consistently aims to empower its employees to be able to make a direct impact on the business.

As one of the largest consumer goods manufacturing companies in the country, Unilever Zimbabwe has been operating in the country since 1943. Today Unilever employs over 180 permanent employees, and locally manufactures some of the country’s household favourite brands such as Geisha, Royco, Vim, OMO and Sunlight washing powder.

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