‘Unfathomably profound A-Level whiz-kids crop up’

‘Unfathomably profound A-Level whiz-kids crop up’ Munashe Mandizvidza with Mr Mukoyi, his school head
Munashe Mandizvidza with Mr Mukoyi, his school head

Munashe Mandizvidza with Mr Mukoyi, his school head

Rukudzo N Gawa
Munashe Elton Mandizvidza and Strive Gandira have indeed proven to be the real embodiments of pure intellect after scoring 29 and 25 points respectively in the 2015 ZIMSEC A-Level Examinations. The million-dollar question that still stands is, “Which other institute could be a cultivation centre for such an inexplicable crop of unusual talent?” St Faith’s High School has proven to be the perfect answer.

ZIMSEC Board of Directors has since confirmed by sending an email yesterday that Munashe, better known as Mandi, is on pole position nationally after scoring 5As and 1B. He was studying Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Accounting and Business Studies.

Strive Gandira, another force to reckon with, was studying Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics and Accounting and he “banged” them!

Surely this is excellence beyond measure and has taken the young intellects to cloud nine, they are forever joyful. Hats off to the redefined legends which we will forever remember and derive inspiration from.

At Ordinary Level, Strive Gandira was a cut above the rest at Marondera High School. Munashe Elton produced the best Ordinary Level results at St Paul’s Musami. It is at this point that I would like to agree with William Shakespeare’s statement that ‘’some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’’.

Strive is a down-to-earth fellow who is largely moved by the Benedictine monks’ Latin motto later picked up by the Templars: laborare est orare (to work is to pray). He loves tossing off pithy aphorisms and his approach to Chemistry is a marvel and is really beyond our imagination.

Mandizvidza is solely inspired by the legendary mathematician Albert Einstein, whom he takes as an impeccable epitome of genius at its best who has immeasurably fuelled his untold mathematical aptitude.

While such great feats may be difficult to come to grips with, they are real. Besides academic talent, Munashe is an explosive package of many talents. St Faith’s has seen Mandi feature in the National Association of Secondary School Heads National Chess finals and coming out amongst the top performers. The bright boys are proceeding to study Actuarial Science at tertiary level.

◆ The writer is from St Faith’s High School. She can be contacted on email address: [email protected]

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