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Uncertain times for netball

30 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
Uncertain times for netball

The Herald

Sports Reporter

RAINBOW Amateur Netball League secretary-general, Moses Gukurume, is concerned by the capacity of some of the clubs to meet conditions that may be put in place for the resumption of action.

For low-risk sport codes, which have been given the go-ahead to restart, they have to follow strict Covid-19 requirements put in place to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Gukurume said taking into consideration requirements, put in place by other countries for disciplines like football, it might be difficult for some of their clubs should they get the greenlight to resume. 

“To be honest, it’s only that we have strong structures, this pandemic destroyed a lot of things,’’ he said.

“If we look at conditions, in other countries, the requirements for resuming play are very expensive.

“I am not sure some of our teams have the capacity to employ some of the things wanted.

“Looking at most of our teams in the league, many of them are sponsored but if we look at teams in the divisions in the regions, I am not sure (if they have the capacity), so a lot hinges on the financial support.

“We will support our clubs as much as we can.’’

With no sign as to when netball will resume, the league is still to come up with a comprehensive plan on how they will proceed in the event they are given the green light to restart.

“The issue should be looked at from different angles. So far, we have not yet approached the sponsor, because the impact is on both sport and the industry,’’ he said.

“So, when there is an indication about when we can start, we will need to approach the sponsor and see how the league will be played.

“We have not agreed how we will proceed because some (clubs) will be affected by transport, some by allowances.

“The sponsor also has input because there are monetary implications, so, we will discuss how it will go and which format to take. We thought, as early as June, we would be back but right now everything is quiet.’’

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