UN urged to support sanctions removal

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UN urged to support sanctions removal Cde Mahiya

The Herald

Joseph Madzimure  and Talent Chimutambgi
Newly-appointed Zanu-PF secretary for War Veterans Affairs Cde Douglas Mahiya has said the United Nations (UN) should play an integral part in influencing the removal of illegal sanctions in Zimbabwe.

In an interview in Harare yesterday, Cde Mahiya said the UN should intervene in the removal of the embargo as it has adversely affected the country’s economy.

“There is need for the UN to be a player in calling for the removal of sanctions in Zimbabwe, which have a detriment to its economy.

“As war veterans, we are calling upon the UN to influence the removal of sanctions in Zimbabwe, since it is affecting the generality of the people,” he said.

He described sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western countries as a weapon of mass destruction.

“During my tenure in office, we are going to petition the UN so that they can influence the removal of sanctions in Zimbabwe.

“As war veterans we are going to call the UN to act in the same manner they have acted on weapons of mass destruction.

“Weapons of mass destruction have caused havoc in the Western world. The West and the Eastern world used weapons of mass destruction during wars. They are not accepted according to the Charter of the United Nations, hence they should be treated as equal to sanctions,” he said.

Cde Mahiya denounced the sanctions insisting that it had crippled the entire fabric of the economy.

“Wherever sanctions were applied they destroyed the initial economic structure, distorted the production system of an economy, destroyed the political governance of a country, they have retarded the socio and economic development of that targeted   country.

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