UN council remembers Jiang

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UN council remembers Jiang Jiang Zemin

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NEW YORK. – Members of the UN Security Council yesterday observed a minute of silence in memory of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin. 

At the beginning of Wednesday’s meeting, Ghanaian permanent representative to the United Nations, Harold Agyeman, in his capacity as president of the council for the month of November, expressed, on behalf of the council members, their deepest sympathy to the Chinese government and the Chinese people on the passing of Jiang. 

“Former President Jiang Zemin will be remembered by the international community for his dedicated contribution to global peace, security and development, and for his role in China’s reforms, its opening up, modernization, and economic development,” said Agyeman.

“His passing, as we understand it, is a great loss to China and to the international community,” he said. 

On behalf of the Security Council, Agyeman asked all present in the council chamber to stand and observe a minute of silence in memory of Jiang, who died on Wednesday in Shanghai at the age of 96. 

Representatives of the council members who spoke at the meeting conveyed their countries’ condolences over Jiang’s death.– Xinhua

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