Uganda wants kids to expose corrupt parents

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Uganda wants kids to expose corrupt parents ZACC has issued a warning to teams tasked with distribution of the inputs to desist from corrupt tendencies saying they will soon be arrested.

The Herald

KAMPALA. – Uganda’s anti-corruption tsar says she will employ new strategies in fighting corruption, including getting children to monitor their parents.

Beti Kamya told a delegation of European Union diplomats that her office intends to be innovative in the fight against corruption by using methods that don’t require a lot of money: “We want primary schoolchildren to recognise illicit wealth at home and to ask their parents whether their salary can afford that new, expensive car… the luxurious house, the overseas education and the holidays abroad.

“We want teachers in posh schools to give homework to the 10-year-olds in fifth grade to write down their father’s name, his place of work, his job title, the car he drives, its cost and a picture of their house. That’s how down the ladder we intent to go,” said Kamya

It’s unclear if the information gathered in the students’ homework will be shared with anti-corruption authorities.

She said her team will encourage schools, with the help of the ministry of education, to hold discussions in classrooms about corruption. – BBCWorld

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