UFO sighted in Chipinge

Luthando Mapepa

Chipinge Correspondent

AN Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted in Chipinge on Friday night sparking several theories.

Residents told The Manica Post that the UFO moved fast downwards, exploding, sparking flames and falling with a huge thud, sending many people scampering for cover.

“I heard the thundering sound at 8.45pm last night. I could not tell the direction. I think the sound lasted about 45 seconds.

“I stay at Chipinge Safari Area,” said Mr Charles Mugadhuyu a villager in Chipangayi.

Mr Felistus Magorwa of Tongogara Refugee Camp also confirmed sighting the UFO.

“I can confirm seeing a star headed eastwards. “It was a frightening explosion-like sound. It also sounded like rain thunder despite the clear sky,” he said.

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