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UD Trucks has a well-balanced range ensuring appropriate technology for the needs of our customers in the various applications.
Through a pioneering spirit, ground-breaking engineering and a customer-centric approach, we apply the expertise amassed in the diesel engine field to produce trucks that are comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly.

The inherent strength of the UD Trucks range, proven through extensive testing, make them ideal trucks for any business.  The company’s product range employs a high level of much focused technical specification but remains easy to drive, operate and maintain.

UD Trucks’ range of Medium Commercial Vehicles not only adheres to Euro II emission regulations, but continues to exceed the expectations of customers in various applications.

The chassis, axles and suspension components are specified to suit the specified carrying capacity, performance and handling of each variant with due consideration for the myriad of applications that these units are suitable for, from refrigerated transport to medium haul cargo carriers.

With an emphasis on safety and comfort, the cabin is well-appointed with streamlined ergonomics to ensure that the vehicles operate with ease.
For additional driver comfort and convenience, the cab is fitted with an adjustable driver’s seat and column-mounted controls for lights, indicators, windscreen wipers and washers, as well as for the exhaust brake.

A rev counter with a specially marked green band has also been added to indicate the ideal revolutions under which the vehicle should be operated.
UD Trucks takes great care to ensure that we provide a high-quality product to sustain our objective of providing the highest possible level of durability, and ultimately giving customers as much up-time as possible.

The new UD Trucks MCV range offers customers versatility, quality and ultimate dependability in a highly competitive market.


  • Excellent performance and economy
  • Easy to operate and very manoeuvrable
  • Versatile with a multitude applications
  • Driver comfort

For more information on UD trucks, please phone the Duly Trucks sales team on 04-753984-6;

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