UAE promotes religious tolerance

28 Nov, 2022 - 14:11 0 Views
UAE promotes religious tolerance United Arab Emirate Ambassador to Zimbabwe Jassim Al Qasimi addressing a cultural symposium in Harare yesterday

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The United Arab Emirate (UAE) has implored co-existence of divergent religious beliefs, which Zimbabwe thrives on through the accommodation of differing religious beliefs.

UAE Ambassador to Zimbabwe Jassim Al Qasimi made the remarks participated and the main speaker in a cultural symposium aimed at highlighting the role of the UAE in combating terrorism and extremism.

He explained that Islam is a religion of tolerance, love, and mercy among human beings, and that the Islamic religion views man as an honorable creature without looking at his religion, color, or gender, and confirming that the Prophet Muhammad.

“There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab except by piety and good deeds,” said Ambassador Al Qasimi.

“At the international and regional level, the UAE has supported international and regional efforts to combat terrorism, helped by its presence in international and regional organizations.

“Focusing on border security and management to prevent the movement of terrorism across countries, and it also supports the efforts of the African continent to combat the escalating threat of terrorism in some countries of the continent.”

“The state made unremitting efforts to confront extremist ideology, and combat terrorist ideology.

“Since its establishment, the state has adopted a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism and extremism through three main axes, namely, the religious axis, the cultural axis, and the legislative axis.”

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