UAE implores religious co-existence 

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UAE implores religious co-existence  Ambassador Jassim Al Qasimi

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The United Arab Emirate (UAE) has implored co-existence of divergent religious beliefs a feet which Zimbabwe thrives on through the accommodation of differing religious beliefs.

UAE Ambassador to Zimbabwe Jassim Al Qasimi said in his country they represent a unique symbol of mutual understanding, harmonious coexistence and peace between people of different faiths and people of good will.

He said the project includes a church, a mosque, a synagogue and an educational center, and it will be built on Saadiyat Island, which is the center of culture and is the beating heart in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

“The design of the Abrahamic Family House embodies the common values of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as a powerful platform for inspiring coexistence and understanding between the various monotheistic religions,” said Ambassador Al Qasimi.

“The Abrahamic Family House embodies the importance of interfaith coexistence while preserving the privacy of each religion, and highlights the UAE’s vision of human brotherhood and the success of its efforts to consolidate the culture and principles of peaceful coexistence within the diverse cultural fabric that characterizes the UAE society, as it reflects the efforts of the UAE to implement the document Human fraternity and the promotion of its lofty principles.

“The Abraham Family House project in Abu Dhabi represents a cultural landmark and a center for interfaith dialogue and understanding, an inspiring space for education and the practice of worship.”

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