Two die in city accident


Talent Chimutambgi Herald Reporter
Two people died on the spot, while several others were injured — three of them seriously — when a Mutsvanzva Bus side-swiped with a kombi along Seke Road near ABC Auctions on Monday night.

According to witnesses, the bus driver lost control after some vehicles stopped at the traffic lights, resulting in him swapping lanes and going against traffic which was coming from the city centre.

“The bus driver was speeding which resulted in him losing control of the bus. To avoid ramming into the vehicles in front of him, he went into the lane of vehicles coming from the city centre. I think the bus also hit a pot hole causing the driver to lose control,” said Mr Luke Moyo.

The Mutsvanzva bus driver dismissed the allegations of speeding, saying a kombi driver suddenly stopped his vehicle in front of the bus and he tried to avoid him.

“A kombi which was travelling in front of me suddenly stopped and I tried to avoid hitting the vehicle which caused me to go into the opposite lane.

“I wasn’t speeding,” said the Mutsvanzva bus driver who refused to identify himself.

When The Herald arrived at the scene, people were still trapped in the kombi as emergency services were yet to arrive.

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