TV presenter remorseful over fatal accident

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter—

ZTV’s Coke on the Beat presenter Tichaona Maruziva yesterday pleaded guilty to culpable homicide and told the court that he was truly sorry for knocking down and killing a cyclist in April this year.Maruziva (28) of No. 7 Woodhall Road, Marlborough in Harare, is a holder of a valid driver’s licence.

He told the court that he accepted responsibility and pleading guilty was a sign of re- morse.

“I cannot do more. I cannot undo the harm suffered. I have taken the first necessary steps towards my own healing and that of the deceased’s family,” he said in mitigation.

“Since the day of the accident there has been harmony between the two families and no marked incidents towards an unrestrained desire for revenge.

“The court should not create a rift in the punishment it imposes. The incident is but one unfortunate incident, one unfortunate mishap in a full life of a working and law- abiding citizen.

“I have been traumatised by the tragic event and have been receiving counselling because of the incident.”

Maruziva told the court that he assisted in the burial and took part in the process of reconciliation with the family of the deceased.

Harare magistrate Mr Arnold Maburo, postponed the matter to allow the State to respond.

Prosecuting, Mrs Devoted Nyangano-Gwashavanhu alleged that on April 17 this year at around 7am, Maruziva was driving a VW Polo along Golden Stairs Road, Avondale, in Harare.

It is alleged that the now deceased Cynthia Smith was cycling along the same road going due north.

She was in the cycle track.

The court heard that Maruziva veered off the road and hit Smith by the front side of his vehicle.

He stopped a distance from the point of impact, the court heard.

Smith died on the spot.

Her post-mortem was attached to the docket as an exhibit.

The court alleged that Maruziva was travelling at excessive speed.

It is alleged that he failed to stop or act reasonably when the accident seemed imminent and also failed to keep a proper lookout of the road ahead.

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