‘TSP aimed at bringing economic renaissance’

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The Herald

Talent Chimutambgi and  Charmaine Brown
The Transitional Stabilisation Programme  (TSP) is aimed at operationalising President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 of transforming Zimbabwe into an upper middle income economy, a Ministry of Finance and Economic Development official has said.

Addressing a national dialogue on economy and the role of media in national healing and reconciliation hosted by Silveira House in conjunction with Catholic Professionals Network of Zimbabwe (CPNZ), Mr Eriya Hamandishe, a director in the ministry, said the TSP was aimed at bringing economic renaissance in the country and ensure that everyone has a decent living.

“According to the policy document, the Transitional Stabilisation Programme will focus on the following factors: stabilising the macro-economy, and the financial sector; introducing necessary policy and institutional reforms to translate to a private sector-led economy; addressing infrastructure gaps, and launching quick-wins to stimulate growth,” said Mr Hamandishe.

“This will pave way for the development of two five-year National Development Strategies, the first plan being for 2021-2025, and the second plan covering 2026-2030.

“The programme focuses on the following: fiscal consolidation, stimulating production and exports, structural quick-win reforms to stimulate growth, governance reforms,” said Mr Hamandishe.

Addressing the same gathering, The Sunday Mail Editor Mrs Victoria Ruzvidzo outlined the role of media in the national healing and reconciliation process and said the media have a mammoth role in providing information to the public. She said the level of political polarisation in the country was inhibiting economic growth in the country.

“When the President is saying Zimbabwe is open for business and someone is calling for sanctions, this cannot work. It is the media’s role to promote national dialogue,” she said.

Mrs Ruzvidzo said all media platforms should be vehicles through which political parties find each other for the betterment of the country.

“It is important for the public media to play its key role for the betterment of the country and set the record straight,” she said.

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