Tryson readies new album ‘Kana Mazogara’

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Tryson readies new  album ‘Kana Mazogara’ Tryson Chimbetu

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Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu is putting final touches to his upcoming album titled “Kana Mazogara” that is set to be released on October 11 2018.

The musician is in the line of other Chimbetus that have been working to keep the dendera genre alive. The genre, which was pioneered by Simon and Naison Chimbetu under the Marxist Brothers banner, is one of the popular beats in local showbiz.

Other Chimbetus pursuing dendera are Suluman, Allan and Douglas. While the race to keep the genre alive has been a journey of mixed fortunes, the genre’s fans are still hopeful that someone in the lineage will reach the standard set by dendera pioneers.

Tryson believes his album will go a long way in pushing his quest to be the best dendera musician in the country.

Tonight he will take the new songs to Red Café where he performs live with his Marxist Brothers. The show will bring together dendera music lovers to a venue that has united fans of different genres.

“We are taking our new songs to Red Café and we will give people a taste of what we have made for them. They should expect a different product from my previous releases. It will be a better release because we have taken a new approach that seeks to take dendera to another level,” said Tryson.

“The album maintains the basic components of dendera and it also brings in new fusions. I have collaborated with Soul Jah Love and Andy Muridzo on some tracks. Dendera fans should look forward to a good project. They should come to Red Café to have a feel of some of the songs.”

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