Truant ZIFA CEO faces disciplinary hearing

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Truant ZIFA CEO faces disciplinary hearing Joseph Mamutse

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Eddie Chikamhi Senior Sports Reporter

ZIFA are mooting internal disciplinary processes to deal with truant chief executive officer Joseph Mamutse who has been AWOL for nearly two months.

Mamutse has not reported for duty for over a month since his suspension by the Sports and Recreation Commission was lifted.

The association are running out of patience with Mamutse and will soon summon him for disciplinary hearing if he continues to absent himself from work.

ZIFA lawyer Chenaimoyo Gumiro yesterday said the chief executive officer was AWOL and could be charged by the employer.

“Mamutse is still a ZIFA employee and if continues to absent himself from work then ZIFA have the right to take action. So far there hasn’t been any form of communication from him (apart from the letter from his lawyers).

“But I understand the Executive Committee made a resolution to institute internal processes against him at their last meeting,” said Gumiro.

Mamutse was suspended by the Sports Commission in November 2020, in terms of Section 30 of the SRC Act and related legislation particularly that targeted at Covid-19 prevention.

However, his suspension was lifted last month following protracted negotiations between ZIFA and the national sports regulator. Mamutse has chosen not to return to work in a clear demonstration of his loyalty towards members of the suspended association’s board led by Felton Kamambo.

Sources at ZIFA said the chief executive officer was uncomfortable with the ongoing audit, which could nail him and a former board member who was responsible for the association’s finances.

“The issue with Mamutse is that he has decided to side with the ousted board members because of the fear of the forensic audit.

“There were a lot of clandestine transactions that happened at ZIFA that could put him in an uncomfortable position. So he would want to avoid the audit as much as possible,” said the source.

Mamutse was suspended in November 2020 along with the Sports and Recreation Commission director general Prince Mupazviriho over a series of administrative gaffes.

The duo’s suspensions were effected to pave way for a probe into how they allegedly cleared a number of national teams, clandestinely, for assignments outside the country, without following Covid-19 protocols, at the height of the pandemic.

Mamutse also face charges related to the manner in which Zimbabwe was left embarrassed after the national Under-17 side were kicked out of the COSAFA tournament in South Africa for age-cheating.

He unsuccessfully challenged his suspension at the Administrative Court with his case being struck off the roll last month, with costs. Unfortunately, just as ZIFA and the Sports Commission were beginning to move towards finding one another, Mamutse’s lawyers Nyikadzino, Simango and Associates wrote to the Sports Commission advising them that their client had turned down his reinstatement.

“We write this minute at the instance of our client Mr Joseph Mamutse, please note our professional interest.

“We have been advised that on 24 May 2022 you wrote our client a letter indicating that his long suspension had been uplifted with immediate effect.

“The above mentioned letter also gave reference to a letter which was written to our client by the Chairman of Sports and Recreation Commission which letter was not attached on the letter of 24 May 2022 despite the fact that same contains conditions of lifting of suspension.

“Our client demanded the Chairman’s letter, however, same has not been given to him to date. In the light of the above, we advise that our client’s position is that the conditions as set out by FIFA, for an unconditional lifting of the suspensions have not been met, hence our client will not report for duty.

“It is very clear from the contents of your letter dated 24 May 2022 that you have not unconditionally uplifted the suspension. Moreso, it is shocking that the letter by Mr Mlotshwa, the Sports and Recreation Commission chairman has remained a private property for the Sports and Recreation Commission despite several requests by our client.

“We therefore demand that you meet all FIFA conditions for the lifting of the suspension. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated,” said the letter signed by Simon Simango, of Nyikadzino, Simango and Associates.

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