Tru Bantu releases new video


Arts Reporter
Tru Bantu band leader, Whatmore Muchuwe, has released a new video entitled “Dzimwe Nguva”. Taken from his six-track album also named “Dzimwe Nguva”, the video is likely to be an instant hit with Afro Jazz lovers.

Muchuwe took over from the late Takunda Mafika who died in 2012.

Muchuwe, a notable Afro Jazz artiste, has been in the music industry for the past 15 years and has engaged “Shaina” hit-maker Alexio Kawara as his manager.

The latest video, which was produced in Cape Town by Braide Opube from Nigeria, was sponsored by the University of Cape Town and Katrine Hunter, a German journalist, after they realised efforts made by Muchuwe as he went around South Africa performing in pubs and restaurants.

“For sometime it was difficult for us to come together as a group because of financial constraints but I am happy that finally we have found interested people who have gone out of their way to make sure our music lives on,” said Muchuwe.

He added: “This is to prove that we are still there as Tru Bantu.”

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