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Trio ‘fishes’ $30k from firm

Trio ‘fishes’ $30k from firm

?????????????????????????Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
THREE assistant managers at K and K Fisheries yesterday appeared in court for defrauding the company of $30 000. Godfrey Zvenyika (34), Cloud Muskwe (34) and Kudakwashe Mhariwa were facing fraud charges when they appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe.

The three, who were remanded in custody to today for bail application, were charged together with an accomplice, Frank Mubaiwa (30). The complainant, who was not named in court, is K and K Fisheries’ managing director.

The quartet had earlier on complained to the court that they were assaulted by police officers upon their arrest.

Allegations are that in January this year the complainant approached Zvenyika and requested that he looks around for a company to buy.

It is alleged that after failing to locate the company, Zvenyika hatched a plan to defraud the complainant.

It is alleged that Zvenyika teamed up with Muskwe and Mhariwa and they all approached Mubaiwa whom they told to pretend as if he was one of the managers at Derbyshire Quarry located in Waterfalls. Mubaiwa would then convince the complainant that Derbyshire Quarry was on sale.

It is the State’s case that Zvenyika organised for a meeting to have the complainant and all his accomplices to meet and discuss how the sale was going to be effected.

Acting in common purpose, the quartet held several meetings at Taste of Africa Restaurant in a bid to defraud the complainant. The court heard that Mubaiwa told the complainant that Derbyshire Quarry was pegged at $1, 3 million and that the complainant was to make a down payment of $30 000.

It is alleged that the complainant effected a deposit of $30 000 which he handed over to Muskwe, who was in the company of Zvenyika and Mhariwa, to take it to Mubaiwa.

After handing over the money to Mubaiwa, it is alleged that the trio was issued with a receipt in confirmation of the down payment which they took to the complainant.

They shared the $30 000 and nothing has been recovered.

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