Trial date set for Harare businessman accused of forgery

Nyore Madzianike

Senior Court Reporter

HARARE magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi has set next month as the trial date for Zororo Energy Group director Michael Shongwe Ndoro accused of forging the company’s registration documents in a bid to elbow out his business partner, who happened to be his former wife, from directorship of the firm.

Mr Mangosi set December 12 as the trial date for Ndoro, who is charged with fraud.

Ndoro allegedly forged the company’s documents in an attempt to elbow out Ms Precious Ndoro from directorship of the energy company.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority is also a complainant in the matter.

It is the State case that sometime in 2018 Ndoro and his former wife registered Zororo Energy Company Limited under company number 11402/2018. They were both directors with each holding a 50 percent shareholding.

In 2019, the couple had a misunderstanding which ended with the two divorcing in November of the same year.

The High Court then reserved the issue of distribution of matrimonial assets, including Zororo Energy Company.

After the divorce, Ndoro allegedly left their matrimonial home with title deeds to the joint properties and their company documents.

In January 2019, Ndoro allegedly forged a company resolution purporting that his former wife had resigned from her directorship and shareholding of Zororo Energy Company.

He allegedly changed CR14 forms by recording the resignation of his former wife and appointed Tunika Phaenah Mkhahanana as director. Ndoro also allegedly went to tender Zororo Energy Company Limited’s manufactured documents to ZERA saying Zororo had changed directorship.

He then applied for an electricity generation licence.

Acting on the application, ZERA made a public notice in the newspaper as required by law. But when Ms Precious Ndoro saw the advert, she requested for all Zororo Energy Company Limited documents from her former husband, who according to the State, refused saying she was no longer a director nor a shareholder in the company.

Ms Ndoro suspected foul play and reported the matter to the police. The State alleges that the Registrar of Companies later confirmed that the directorship and shareholding of the company had been changed.

It was also revealed that the licence issued by ZERA was on the strength of the tendered documents, where Ms Ndoro was no longer cited as a director or shareholder.

As a result, ZERA was prejudiced of good administration.

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