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Trevor Dongo is a real gem

12 Oct, 2015 - 00:10 0 Views
Trevor Dongo is a real gem Trevor Dongo

The Herald

Trevor Dongo

Trevor Dongo

Fred Zindi Music
I am convinced that this guy is the whole package. He is mega talented, sincere, articulate, and genuinely loves and appreciates his fans! Ladies love him too and they say he is sexy. No male singer has captivated me the way Trevor Dongo aka Trevor D has!

From the first time I saw his beautiful face and heard him sing, I was hooked! There are a lot of good looking male singers out there I am sure, but I just haven’t really noticed, especially, once I saw this gem of a man. His voice is as captivating.

He is definitely more entertaining to watch than anyone I have ever seen since Bob Marley. And after listening to his many R ‘n’ B tunes, I am convinced that this guy is the whole package. He is mega talented, sincere, articulate, and genuinely loves and appreciates his fans! Ladies love him too and they say he is sexy.

This guy, quite simply, is smoking hot and ranks very highly among Zimbabwe’s best vocalists ever.

However, despite my colourful description of the man’s attractiveness and music skills, I am sorry ladies, Trevor Dongo is officially off the market after paying lobola for his long time sweetheart Ashley Maumbe six months ago. In case you do not understand, he is taken!

Consolation for the boys, Trevor has five sisters who are just as beautiful as he is handsome. I can give you his phone number if you ask.

Then there is his incredible charisma, which means that at almost 30 he can hop onto the stage without looking like he’s trying too hard, and steal the video spotlight from guys half his age.

Since I last saw him perform at a wedding held at Shangrila Restaurant off Enterprise Road last year, I have been trying to track him down in order to convince myself that the golden voice which this young man possesses is real.

Although Trevor receives massive airplay on our radio stations, he does not perform many local gigs. He has been to Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban for performances and has toured the United Kingdom on four occasions, but locally, he is a rare sight.

My second sighting of him in action was at the Book Café just before the venue closed down early this year. (Book Café patrons need not worry as the venue, according to Spenser Madziya, the new owner, is opening up again before Christmas this year).

However, his performance at the Davido show on August 29 at Belgravia Sports Club put the final nail in the coffin as it managed to convince me how good Trevor D is. It also inspired me to write this article.

Born on September 27, 1986, Trevor Dongo first attended school at Rusvingo Primary in Highfield and then went on to complete his secondary education at Kwayedza High School, again in Highfield.

While at school, he concentrated on fine arts in the areas of painting and poetry until something in him ignited and forced him to become a singer.

He rose to fame in 2004 when he recorded with urban groovers, Chamhembe, and produced the hit single “Ndozviita Seyi”, which also became the title track for his first album.

The same single got him a nomination at the 2005 Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) in the “Most Promising Artist” category.

Then in 2006, Trevor featured on Xtra Large’s “Maroja” album in a song titled “Small House” after which he clinched a recording deal with Eternity Productions owned by top producer, Macdonald “Mac Dee” Chidavaenzi in 2007.

In2008 Trevor Dongo continued with his solo career and managed to drop a single titled “Mukoma”, which received massive airplay on all radio stations.

His second album “Ruvarashe” which was released in 2010, was also well received.

That very same year Trevor shared the stage with international artistes Akon and Sean Paul at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

His hit single “Ndashamisika” was 2012 Song of the Year sitting on the first position on all local radio stations.

In 2013 he released a single called “That’s How I Feel”.

He also featured on a single “Mazwi” by JxbXklsv (Who is that?) in the same year.

In 2014, he released another single titled “Handisi Kumira”.

He has since released his fourth album titled “Two Steps To Go” which includes hits such as “African Girl” featuring Zambian singer Shyman Shaizo and Souljah Love; “Praying For Love” which features Mabel Madondo (sister to the late Jackie Madondo); “Kana Ndinewe” featuring Zimbabwean Hip Hop artiste and rapper, Tehn Diamond and other smashing tracks.

Due to his sweet and golden voice, Trevor has been invited to do many collaborations in his music career.

He has featured prominently in collaborations with XQ, Stunner, Leonard Mapfumo, Pastor G, Sebastian Magacha, Tehn Diamond and lately, Soul Jah Love.

He has toured the United Kingdom on four occasions and has performed in South Africa many times.

Trevor says his inspiration comes from R&B artistes such as Keith Sweat, R Kelly, Joe Thomas and Chris Martin.

Locally, he adores Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

Those of you who do not believe me when I talk about how gifted this lad is, should go to LongCheng Plaza on October 31 where Trevor celebrates his 29th birthday alongside Cindy Munyavi, Diana Samkange, Stunner, Rocki, Tehn Diamond and many others.

You will be convinced, just like me, that this young man is a real gem and has got to be counted among those artistes who are going to shape the future of Zimbabwean music.

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